Technology advancements and support have made New Zealand one of the lowest carbon dioxide emitting countries in the world when it comes to the energy sector. This industry has many different components including renewable energy (geothermal, wind and hydroelectric power) natural gas, electric generation, transmission, retail and distribution. The energy industry relies heavily on the efficiency afforded by technology and technology advancements.

How to become a

Energy & Carbon Auditor

Kaitātari Pūngao/​Waro

Energy and Carbon Auditors study and assess the amount of carbon and energy that is used, recommending ways to increase efficiency.

Skill demand


Average Salary

$60 -$200k

How to become a

Energy & Chemical Plant Operator

Kaiwhakahaere Rawa Pūngao, Rawa Matū

An Energy and chemical plant operators assess, maintains and manages high-risk operations such as oil wells, gas plants and power stations.

Skill demand


Average Salary

$50 - $100k



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