Innovative, cutting edge, creative and dextrous, the gaming industry in New Zealand and globally is a billion-dollar industry. In 2015 in New Zealand alone, the Kiwi gaming sector employed over 560 full-time gaming developers and collected a whopping $78.7 Million in revenue – a number which continues to climb.

How to become a

Software Developer

Kaihanga Pūmanawa Rorohiko

Software Developers draft, design, animate, develop, program and test all types of software apps and website-related programs for computers, handheld devices and other digital platforms.

Skill demand


Average Salary

$72 - $100k

How to become a

Game developer

Kaihanga Tākaro

Game developers create, design, develop, design and test all kinds of digital games for everything from social media to mobile phones, gaming consoles, handheld devices, computers and more.

Skill demand


Average Salary

$40-$80k +



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