The Story of Waihiko

The Waihiko pūrākau provides a narrative that shows a Māori connection to the digital, technological realms and highlights the power we have to harness unlimited potential.

Waihiko is our interpretation of the atua (god) of electricity. An element that has always been there but only in recent times has humankind had the capacity and capability to interact with her.

The daughter of Tamanuiterā (The Sun) and Rua Korekore (the potential), Waihiko loved to race across the solar system with her māmā and pāpā. Pūrākau provide a framework for how we might engage with the different elements in our taiao and also how they behave.

With how quickly technology and the digital landscape has evolved and been forced upon Māori – it’s been difficult to see ourselves belonging in this space. Especially with notions of noa and tapu, kawa and tikanga – how do we practice and adhere to these, digitally?




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